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Journey Of MIT Group of Institutes


That was year1981, a young bright student who had freshly passed Inter Science[present day 12th Science] happened to meet a professor of College of Engineering Pune, Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad sir. He was utterly frustrated and was on the verge of committing suicide due to less number of seats in then engineering colleges. He could not get admitted to an Engineering institute inspite of securing good of marks.

Prof.(Dr.)V.D. Karad sir convinced him that one can always reach the greater heights even in other fields and refrained him from the extreme act. But the seeming small incident disturbed him to the core. It set him thinking on what can be done to overcome the dearth of opportunities of professional education. It was not just the incident but it paraded the parody of our education system prevailing the time.

He himself was an eyewitness to 1972s crippling drought and how the Maharashtra experienced the frustrating shortage of engineering professionals, resulting in the recruiting them from other states of the country. What could more be expected from the state where only eight Engineering colleges were existing with a meagre capacity of educating only 1800 students per year.

And 'the' incident of capable student being deprived of desired technical education highlighted the surge to do something for the society where 'will' existed but 'way' was yet to be explored.

He was Professor with College of Engineering Pune, where he met the students from different state and regions and felt the need and urge to be proactive. He spoke to people passionately about his thoughts of uplifting our educational scenario. Finally he wrote an article which turned out to be a mile stone in the history of Technical Education in Maharashtra.

On 1st May 1983,then Minister of Technical Education of Maharashtra Mr.Sudhakar Naik had come to Marathwada Mitra Mandal College for some function. There he told Karad sir that he is keen to talk to him about his thoughts on technical education. He visited Karad sir's home where they discussed elaborately. Then Chief Minister of Maharashtra was Hon'ble Shri Vasantdada Patil too was well convinced of Karad sir's genuine efforts and honest passion.

A historic decision was taken by the Maharashtra. Thus, it initiated the formation of NINE first private Engineering colleges of Maharashtra.

"First Engineering College in the city of Pune after 125 long years under the name MIT…"

It was sheer kind cooperation of many that they saw an honest teacher's struggle and dedication and came forward to help out in the initial formation days. The MIT Group is always grateful to all the well wishers and kind people who helped us out in the time when it was just an MIT and yet to bloom into 'The MIT'. Adv. Bhaskarrao Avhad offered the use of his law classroom and a small office on Karve road for the distribution and collection of admission forms for the first batch of MIT, Pune.Another such person we are always grateful is Shri Uttamrao Patil, Secretary of Shivaji Maratha Society who lent few classrooms so that we could begin.

अधिगत्य गुरोः ज्ञानं छात्रेभ्यो वितरन्ति ये । विद्या वात्सल्य निधयः शिक्षका मम दैवतम् ॥
The teachers who distribute knowledge among the students after getting it from their gurus, and who are storehouses of love and knowledge, are indeed like God]

Indeed it was sheer might of dedicated teacher Prof. Dr. V.D. Karad sir, rooted deeply to genuine Indian culture to the genesis of the centre of value based quality education: THE MIT GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS

Thus 'MIT' began in the year 1983, on 5 August 1983.

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