1) In Quest of Universal Peace.
2) Harmony (Samanvaya)
3) Human Rights, Human Values and Social Change
4) “Dnyaneshwara – A Mantra for the New Millennium
5) The Bell of Hiroshima - Ringing once again, conveying the Message of
World Peace.
6) Pathway to World Peace
7) In quest of MIT's Ethos - Jewels of MIT - a Golden Page
8) Eethe Sakarale Pasaydan
9) Rashtradharma Pujak Dadarao Karad Abhivadan Granth
10) Vishnu Sahasranam
11) Chagdeo Pashasthi
12) Yogdarshan
13) Vishwadharmi
14) Pasayadan

15) Yoga for Harmony & Peace

16) Vishwadharmi Shriram Rahim Manavata Setu

17) Poornabhrahmayogini Tyagmurti Smt. Prayag Aaka Karad – Jeevandarshan

18) Religious Scriptures Are True Life Guiding Scriptures

19) Bharatiy Sanskruti Darshan – Shri Ram Rathyatra

20) Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara An embodiment of Knowledge – Divine & Peace

21) Dharmache Marm

22) Tathagat Bhagwan Gautam Buddha Vihar and Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Smruti Vishwashanti Bhavan

23) Yashwant Niti, Sahitya & Sanskriti

24) Poornabhrahmayogini Tyagmurti Smt. Prayag Aaka Karad -Samarpit Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar

25) Pearls of Wisdom (Swami Vivekananda)

26) Vishwanadbrahma – Shankarbapu

27) Solders of MIT (Late Prof. Shrikrishna J. Bhide)

28) Transforming the Pilgrim the Centres of the world into Knowledge Corridor

29) Prof. Dr. V. D. Karad Sir 50 th Birthaday Garudzep

30) The Nine (9) Universal secrets / Principles of Human life Enunciated by Philosopher Saint Dnyaneshwara

31) You may Believe it or not! Realization of God – the universal truth and experiencing peace.

  • Journals and News Bulletins:

MAEER’s MIT, Pune, Journal (Quarterly): Special Issues include,
a) Education
b) Population Problems : A Geographical Perspective
c) Water
d) Drought
e) Energy
f) Indian Agriculture in 21st Century
g) Geopolitics and International Relations
h) Coastal Environment Management

  • Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad has to his credit more than 60 papers read and presented at the national and international conferences on various subjects of education, human rights, peace studies, science and spirituality etc.