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Early Life of Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Karad


Prof. (Dr.) Vishwanath D. Karad, born in a very pious farmer’s family, in the tiny village, Rameshwar (Rui) in the State of Maharashtra, India has earned a great reverence, respect and recognition for his distinguished services through his missionary pursuit in promoting the “Value Based Universal Education System’’ and Training Programmes for ‘World Peace.’ He is one of the internationally acclaimed educationists, a great visionary and a highly devoted teacher of repute.

Prof. Vishwanath Karad, with his tremendous sense of dedication and commitment to promote the “Culture of Peace” in the world, has devoted his entire life for the noble cause of human welfare. His life Mission for World Peace, and the pioneering work in promoting “Value Based Universal Education System” has helped hundreds of thousands of students and others in developing their positive mindsets



(In the words of Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad)

Friends, I still remember that when I had passed my master of Engineering Sciences Examination in Mechanical Engineering in the year 1965, I was appointed as a Professor and assigned the duty to teach subjects like Thermodynamics and its applications, which are closely linked with Heat (Therm) and Particle Physics and Dynamics of Energy Transfer. It was a very unique experience for me to teach the very talented students of Engineering, which truly became my learning process as,
“to teach is the best way to learn” and naturally, I had to deeply study and understand the various terms like Entropy (measure of disorder), Enthalpy, Gibbs function, Helmholtz Function, Maxwell’s equations and many a number of mathematical equations of Dr. Albert Einstein like E = mC2 (where E stands for Energy, m for Mass and C the speed of light) and theories of relativity, quantum mechanics etc. and naturally I was more curious to understand how they apply to the living beings, their relationship with the laws of Mother Nature and also the Universal Laws of Life of the Human Beings along with the functioning of the
entire universe. I myself being a Vaishnavite – Devotee, followed the teachings of Saint Dnyaneshwara- an embodiment of Knowledge Divine and Peace, Saint Tukarama and other saints of Warkari Tradition as well as Saint Francis of Assisi- a symbol
of devotion and sacrifice, and naturally, I was quite involved in the most scientific, spiritual, logical and philosophical contents of the scriptures of Philosopher Saint Dnyaneshwara called Dnyaneshwari – a commentary on Bhagwad Gita, Tukaram
Gatha more known as Fifth Veda etc. and the very philosophy with humanitarian approach for the wellbeing of mankind. Naturally, I felt the urge to study these scriptures more deeply and also to draw the scientific inferences from them and
compare them with the Scientific Studies of the Modern Era. Friends, it was quite surprising for me to find out that there is a huge similarity between the scriptures written more than 700 years ago by Saint Dnyaneshwara and the findings of the modern scientists like Dr. Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Dr. Erwin Schrodinger, Dr. Roger Penrose etc.


Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara can be considered as a symbol of the saints of not only India, but the entire world. To a layman, the two personalities i.e. Saint Dnyaneshwara and Dr. Albert Einstein, may appear to be the two extremes in thought and time, with practically nothing in common. But a closer look would reveal how their scientific theories and philosophies tend to merge into each other. This is true of all the highly revered spiritual/religious masters and the eminent scientists of the modern era. My learned friends, I consider it as one of the greatest miracles of my life
that I could become instrumental in creating a MONUMENT OF MIRACLE 
which conveys the message of the unification of Science and Spirituality for World Peace, perhaps for the first time in the known human history. In my humble way, I feel, as I understand, the great masterly commentary on SHRIMAD BHAGWAD GEETA i.e. DNYANESHWARI written by SAINT DNYANESHWARA, or for that matter, the other small treatises written by him
like Amritanubhav and Changdev Pasashty as well as scriptures of various faiths, which are generally considered to be purely religious and seem to speak only about rituals, are actually the most scientific and philosophical narrations of the principles or the Universal Laws of life and Mother Nature. In fact, they are the true LIFE-GUIDING SCRIPTURES, who teach us HOW TO LIVE AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, HOW NOT TO LIVE!

You will find that every line of all these so-called religious scriptures, written in the most beautiful and lucid manner, in poetic form, is full of tenderness, love, compassion and wisdom, knowledge, scientific laws of Nature, including physics, chemistry and other aspects of life, in a simple language, which can be understood even by a common man on the street. I may mention here that after deeply studying these scriptures, I found that particularly, Dnyaneshwari propounds even the theory of relativity, laws of thermodynamics, forms of energy and their transformations from one form into the other. It also deals with the nature of ultimate state of matter, mind, spirit and consciousness, which has been discussed by modern scientists like Dr. Albert
Einstein and others in the form of mathematical theories and equations pertaining to Physics, Chemistry and allied Sciences, which have been deduced after physical confirmation and proof. Of course, these very theories and equations like E = mC2
have found their applications in the various areas of developments for variety of purposes. The similarities between the teachings and scriptures of the great saints of the past and the theories and mathematical expressions of the great scientists of the present generation, is not just amazing but really astonishing! All these deep-rooted observations found in the religious scriptures like Dnyaneshwari and the Scientific Theories propounded by the modern scientists like Dr. Albert Einstein, coupled with my deep faith in the prophetic words of wisdom spoken by the Great Noble Son of India Swami Vivekananda, at the Parliament of World Religions held in Chicago on 11th September 1893, that “Union of Science and Religion/Spirituality alone, will bring Harmony and Peace to Mankind” proved to be my True Life-guiding Spirit and became my life-mission for the establishment of a Holistic Peace-Loving Global Society. Friends, the above conclusion led me to reaffirm my faith that only the
oneness of scientific and spiritual components of life can lead to everlasting peace and harmony in the world. 

Friends, you are well aware that today the entire world is passing through a tense and chaotic stage, even worse than what was experienced during the two world wars. The present one is also a war, a war between good and evil, sacrifice and greed, virtues and vices, tolerance and stubbornness, religious co-existence and fundamentalism, traditional time- tested values and quick gains and ego, and so on. The various issues involved are not only local i.e. restricted to one’s own country, but are global as well. The world is witnessing mind-boggling scientific and industrial developments like artificial intelligence, Internet, IT, Nano
Technology, journey to the outer space and what not on the one hand, while on the other, there is total chaos, confusion, terrorism, bloodshed and massacre in the name of caste, creed, race, religion and trivial issues like boundaries of nations.
It is most unfortunate that in-spite of these amazing and wonderful developments for all possible enjoyments, material comforts for leading a luxurious life and for the welfare of the mankind, the family system, which is vital for our survival, is on the rocks and certainly deteriorating rapidly because of the decline in mutual faith, affection, true love, loyalty and trust, neglecting their religious duty towards each other, which is the very foundation of the “Ideal Family System.” The industrialized society should have helped in preserving the human values apart from providing the materialistic gains, and achieve  stainable development. But even though the present scientific innovations, discoveries and technological advancements have converted this world of ours into a Global Village on the face of it, the hearts and minds have drifted far apart, with deep
valleys and barriers being created between man and man, one nation and the other, one religion and the other, and between different races, castes and communities.

It is again because of the erosion of the time-tested value system that we have forgotten our ethos, culture and traditions. The human spirit and approach is missing. The most unfortunate part of it is that this is taking place with a highly developed education system carefully devised by the great thinkers, philosophers, academicians, scholars and scientists. The values of bygone era, which helped this planet earth to sustain over the ages, are missing. Once the value system is missing, then there is no difference between human beings and other living beings like animals. The future will depend upon the decisions and actions we will take today. It could be either peace, tranquility and prosperity or global conflict, destruction and horrifying disaster, putting the survival of the very human race itself at stake.

In some of the so-called advanced countries, because of collapse of the Family System, the school children are starving for the Love and Affection from their parents, which unfortunately are missing. As a result, they are suffering quite a lot because of the failure of the present Education System, which is devoid of most essential human values like Love, Affection, Compassion, Reverence and Respect for Elders and particularly for parents. Looking at the present scenario all over the world, it is imperative that we carry out introspection, search where we have gone wrong, and decide about the measures, which can help in setting the things right. It requires sincere efforts and firm action by all the right thinking people without any further loss of ime. Any further delay will make the process irreversible and whatever rot has set in will get perpetuated.

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