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You are fully aware that the entire world is passing through a tense and chaotic stage, even worse than what was experienced during the two world wars. The present one is also a war, war between good and evil, sacrifice and greed, virtues and vices, tolerance and stubbornness, religious co-existence and fundamentalism, traditional time-tested values and quick gains and ego, and so on. The various issues involved are not only local i.e. restricted to one’s own country, but are global as well.

The world is witnessing mind-boggling scientific and industrial developments like artificial intelligence, internet, IT, digital technology, robotics, journey to the outer space and what not on the one hand and on the other, unfortunately, there is total chaos, confusion, suspicion, terrorism, bloodshed, violence and massacre in the name of caste, creed, race, religion and trifle issues like boundaries of nations. The family system, which is vital for the survival of the mankind, is also on the rocks.

The industrialized and technologically advanced society should have helped in preserving the human values apart from providing the materialistic gains and achieve sustainable development. Even though the present scientific innovations and technological advancements have converted this world of ours into a global village on the face of it, but the hearts and minds have drifted far apart with deep valleys and barriers being created between man and man, one nation and the other, one religion and the other, and between different races, castes and communities.

Friends, it is again because of the erosion of the time-tested ethical and moral human value system, we have forgotten our ethos, culture and traditions. The human spirit and approach is missing. The most unfortunate part of it is that this is taking place with a highly developed education system carefully devised by the great thinkers, philosophers, academicians, scholars and scientists.

However, in spite of the higest level of research, innovations and technological developments in all the areas of Science as well as material wealth and luxuries for the welbeing of the mankind, it has been observed the world over, that the highest level of anxiety, depression, nervousness, frustration, mental trauma, melancholy, feeling of deep sorrow, loneliness etc. are still prevalent and in fact, are increasing day by day. This is mainly because of the absence of mental peace due to negative mindset of people and keeping away from spiritual/religious pursuits like Yoga, Meditation, Chanting, Namaz, Prayer etc.

Need to understand the ‘Chemistry of Mind’ Friends, mind, matter, spirit and consciousness are the four most important components to understand the universal mechanism / system of the functioning of this universe. Naturally, along with the BRAIN, the MIND plays the most important role. It has been observed that despite the tremendous scientific research and advancement about the physical aspects of the human body, the composition of mind, the way it functions and what, if any, is the chemistry or the chemical formula that makes up the mind, is still unknown. This is the grand challenge for all of the worlds’ Education and Research Institutions including the best Universities!

The values of bygone era, which have helped this PLANET EARTH to sustain over the ages, are missing. Once the value system is missing, then there is no difference between human beings and other living beings. The future will depend upon the decisions and actions we will take today. It could be either peace, tranquility and prosperity or global conflict, disaster and destruction with the survival of human race at stake.

Why this World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy? Friends, on this background, it is high time that the learned Scholars, Thinkers, Academicians, Philosophers, Scientists, Men of Religion / Spirituality should come together to evolve a VALUE BASED UNIVERSAL EDUCATION SYSTEM with an appropriate component of Science and Religion / Spirituality to establish and develop a HOLISTIC PEACE-LOVING HARMONIOUS GLOBAL SOCIETY.

Looking at the prevailing disturbing scenario all over the world, it is imperative that we carry out introspection, search where we have gone wrong and decide about the measures, that can help in setting the things right. It requires sincere efforts and firm action by all the right thinking knowledgeable people without any further loss of time. Any further delay will make the process irreversible and whatever rot has set in, will get perpetuated.

Education and Training – the only way to develop ‘Positive Mindset’ As enunciated by the Great Noble Son of India Swami Vivekananda, “Education is a manifestation of pure intelligence” & “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”, and is obviously closely related with the proper understanding of the Role of Science and Spirituality/ Religion for the well-being of the entire Mankind.

The main thrust of Education, in addition to providing inputs by way of knowledge and information, should be in developing purity of mind, purity of thought and purity in each and every action of life, which are basic for establishing a holistic global society. The main purpose of education is to develop the “WINNING PERSONALITY” of the Student, who shall be Physically Fit, Mentally Alert, Intellectually Sharp and Spiritually Elevated, so that he will be able to contribute his mite for the welbeing and welfare of the society at large.

It is high time that we take a note of the words of wisdom spoken by the world famous Scientist Dr. Albert Einstein, who had said that “Science without Religion (Spirituality) is lame, while Religion without Science is blind.”

Friends, remember, these words of wisdom are spoken by none other than one of the greatest Scientists the world has ever seen, who propounded the theory of RELATIVITY and put forward the concept of GOD PARTICLE – the smallest of the small, but most energetic and beautiful particles of the Universe, which is the manifestation of pure intelligence and consciousness and encompasses the entire universe!

Friends, I would like to state very assertively that these very concepts were also propounded by the Great Philosopher Saints of India like Philosopher Saint Shree Dnyaneshwara of the 13th Century and Philosopher Saint Shree Tukaramof the 17th Century.

On the same lines, Dr. Albert Einstein also made a highly revealing and visionary statement that “I believe in God, who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of the universe and I further believe that intelligence is manifested throughout Mother Nature”, which amply clarifies the very essence and philosophy behind Science and Religion / Spirituality.

I am glad to put before you the following verse, the very first Ovi of DNYANESHWARI written by Philosopher Saint Shree Dnyaneshwara at the young age of only 16 years, which has made a lasting impression on my mind and has set me forth on my life’s mission to promote the Culture of Peace in the World through the appropriate understanding of the Role of Science and Spirituality/Religion and the very Essence and Philosophy of all the World Religions.

ॐ नमोजी आद्या । वेद प्रतिपाद्या ॥ जय जय स्वसंवेद्या ॥ आत्मरूपा ॥

This verse very distinctly speaks about Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara’s own purpose of writing this treatise on Geeta i.e. Dnyaneshwari, and says that he wants to clearly know and understand the “Ultimate Truth” – “The Ultimate Reality” – “The Ultimate State of Matter” as enunciated in the Vedas. He further states that the “Ultimate Truth” is nothing but pure intelligence / consciousness, the Knowledge Divine, the true nature of the Soul – Atman.

Similarly, I would also like to put it on record that many other great saints, sages, seers and scientists of India and the world over, including those like PhilosopherSaint Francis of Assisi, Rome, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton have made a tremendous impact on my mind and have helped me in trying to understand and realize the True Nature of the Self.

Friends, I would like to bring to your notice that Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara to Dr. Albert Einstein is a long journey in time and space, however the very philosophical and scientific narrations revealed in Dnyaneshwari in the form of Ovis / Verses equally reflect the very principles and laws of MOTHER NATURE and LIFE, which are enunciated through equations like E = MC2 and the concept like the GOD PARTICLE and various formulae of Mathematics and Physics.

Need for Revamping the present Education System The reasons for war lie in the frailty of human mind and the darker side of the human character, which includes ego, greed, lust, hatred, jealousy, anger, absence of any feeling or emotions and disregard for the humanand other living beings and complexesarising out of these vicious human traits. Some of these vices get manifested in a big way when the individuals become a mob, led by egoistic leaders with selfish motives, which indulges in all sorts of mindless brutal acts of violence and destruction.

Has the present education system been able to address these issues? Apparently not! If we have to usher in an era of peace, love and harmony for a long time to come, then we have to tackle the problem right at the root. This involves changing the mindset of an individual. This needs to be done right from the childhood at home and in school. Violence and incidences of shootouts witnessed in the schools in the most advanced country like USA and other parts of the world are an eye opener.

All these aspects point to the fact that basically there is something which is lacking in our educational system, otherwise, in spite of mind-boggling scientific advances, technological developments along with the most luxurious commodities for a life of leisure and pleasure and progress in informatics, why such acts at individual, society and state level – including the International – should continue to take place unabated?

“Since war begins in the minds of men, it’s in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed” – (UNESCO Constitution).

Friends, if we address the mind and guide it on the right path, then in turn we will be sensitizing the society, so as to strive and act to establish global peace. Obviously this clearly points to the necessity of changing the mindset, so that people can think rationally without getting emotional, which many times results in violence of all sorts. This will enable us to control the violence and avert the war, thus eliminating any need of costly and harmful defense mechanism required to combat any conflicts, the possibility of occurrence of which will be very remote in such a holistic peace-loving global society. Thus, simultaneously, we will be acting on national as well as global front in achieving our objective. It is, therefore, necessary to revamp the present education system by incorporating the time-tested human values and evolve a VALUE BASED UNIVERSAL EDUCATION SYSTEM.

Each Nation has its own history, Geography, Culture, Traditions but the time-tested human values are the same.

My Dear Learned Friendsfrom across the world, it is now incumbent upon you to come forward and utilize all your energy, strength, intelligence, knowledge and wisdom, in formulating a UNIVERSAL EDUCATION SYSTEM which is based on time-tested Human Values and which will transcend all the boundaries of caste, creed, religion, gender and nationality and will certainly help to promote the noble cause of achieving the welbeing of the entire humanity.

In short, the VALUE BASED UNIVERSAL EDUCATION SYSTEM with an appropriate understanding of the Role of Science and Spirituality will greatly help in achieving the objectives of this WORLD PARLIAMENT.

Friends, I am very glad to put it on record that the greatest scientists, saints, sages and philosophers from across the world are today evolving a new vision based on the appropriate understanding of the concept of Science and Spirituality/Religion that › Aum – E = MC2 thus demonstrating the futuristic model of education system, which is a fusion of SCIENCE, SPIRITUALITY AND DIVINITY. This new philosophy, based on the principle of Non-duality is now being adopted in many of the highly reputed Universities like Stanford, Oxford, Harvard and many other highly reputed Global Universities.

Here, I would like to conclude by quoting the following verse from ATHARVA VEDA, which in very simple words illustrates the concept of “VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM” – THE WORLD AS ONE FAMILY – GLOBAL VILLAGE:-

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