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Friends, it is worth noting that the very definition of Science is nothing but to find Unity and to understand the Ultimate State of Matter and the very Nature of Reality - Consciousness of the Universe, whereas the very definition of Religion is nothing but to perform one’s duty, which is the True Wisdom and the Divine Knowledge to develop the sense of ethics and morality which ultimately teach how to live happily and let others also live happily without causing any harm or injustice to other living beings.

It is most unfortunate that during the known history of mankind, some of the most devastating wars and the highest bloodshed, massacre and violence have taken place in the name of religion or some trifle issues like boundaries of nations

and other petty matters. This is largely due to the selfish and ulterior motives of some egoistic persons / leaders with vested interests arising out of a completely destructive and negative mindset.

It may also be noted that if science is not utilized for the well-being of the mankind, but misused for purposes like building the most destructive atomic, nuclear bombs or chemical / biological weapons, it can cause complete devastation and destruction of the entire world. Today, unfortunately, the situation has been created that with the present stockpile of the horrifyingly destructive weapons, the world as we know it can be destroyed a thousand times over!

Friends, it is high time that we take a note of the words of wisdom spoken by the world famous Scientist Dr. Albert Einstein, who had said that “Science without Religion (Spirituality) is lame, while Religion without Science is blind.”

Being a man of Engineering Sciences and a student of Particle Physics, I am still very much impressed and thrilled by the highly innovative and scientific writings and the philosophy of the 13th Century Philosopher Saint Shree Dnyaneshwara and 17th Century Philosopher Saint Shree Tukaram as well as 20th Century Nobel Laureate and a Great Scientist Dr. Albert Einstein. Similarly, the other great saints, sages and scientists of India and the world over, including those like Philosopher Saint Francis of Assisi, Rome, Italy have made a tremendous impact on my mind and have helped me in trying to understand and realize the True Nature of the Universe – the Ultimate Truth – the Ultimate Reality – the Knowledge Divine!

Friends, I am really glad to put before you that after deeply studying the DNYANESHWARI written by Philosopher Saint Shree Dnyaneshwara when he was only Sixteen (16) years of age and when he enunciated and revealed 720 years ago before the world the Nine (9) Universal Secrets / Principles, Laws about the functioning of the universe, which are now truly being revealed again today through the technologies like artificial intelligence, information technology, digitalization and applications like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. have made a lasting impression on my mind and have set me forth on my life’s mission to promote the CULTURE OF PEACE in the World through the appropriate understanding of the “Role of Science and Spirituality/Religion and the very Essence and Philosophy of all World Religions.”

Friends, It is highly revealing that on the same lines, one of the greatest scientists of the world, Dr. Albert Einstein, later in his life, very assertively says that – “The Entire Universe is a manifestation of pure intelligence and consciousness.” Further, he says, “I believe in God – who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of the Universe. I believe that intelligence is manifested throughout Mother Nature. The basis of scientific work is the conviction that the world is an ordered and comprehensible entity and not a thing of chance.”

Friends, Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara, as a man of Spirituality, to Dr. Albert Einstein, a man of Science, is a long journey in time and space, however the very scientific and philosophical narrations revealed in Shri Dnyaneshwari in the form of Ovis / Verses equally reflect the very principles and laws of Mother Nature and life, which are enunciated through the mass-energy equation like E = mC2 and various formulae of Mathematics and Physics.

It is also worth noting that although the Great 16th Century Scientist Galileo is credited to be the first scientist to reveal that the “Earth is Round and revolves round the Sun,” it is interesting that three (3) centuries before him, Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara concluded that "the apparent movement of the sun from East to West, as observed, is an illusion. In fact, the Sun is stationary and the Earth is rotating around itself and revolving around the Sun."

You will be surprised to note that the ruling priest of Rome ordered Galileo Galilei to be sentenced to death by giving him a cup of deadly poison like Hemlock for advocating the above scientific theory. The great and courageous Galileo, being a true scholar and scientist, consumed the cup of Hemlock but at the same time asked one of his students to observe the effect of the poison, while he was calmly sipping the same!

Friends, how scientific and logical were the concepts and writings of the great saintly spiritual masters like Philosophers Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara and Saint Shri Tukarama becomes even more clear if we look at that concept of (dS dmZb) Vadvanal meaning FIRE RESIDING IN THE BELLY OF SEA/WATER. This concept is based on the fact that water (H2O) comprises of two parts of Hydrogen and one part of Oxygen. The former is highly inflammable and explosive, while the later helps the combustion.

Further, Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara clearly explains how electricity can be generated through friction of water as is the case with the modern turbo-generators.

Saint Dnyaneshwara also explains the Rain Water Cycle, how water evaporates by the heat of the sun and then falls back on the earth in the form a rain.

Friends, on the same lines, during the last many a number of years a lot of research work is being carried out in the field of HUMAN GENOME, which involves study of the GENES including DNA, RNA etc. The GENOME is related to the biological history of an individual and in the long will, will help in GENETIC ENGINEERING as regards one’s inheritance, behavioural tendencies characterises, possible, ailments, cures etc. which is nothing but a revelation of scientific principles.

On the same lines, another Revered Philosopher Saint from India, Jagadguru Shri Tukaram Maharaj has said, ‘I am the smallest of the smallest of the small particles of the universe, smaller even than the sub-atomic particles, which is all–pervading, all-encompassing, and which occupies the entire infinite universe'.

Friends, is this concept/theory not the same as the concept of "Higgs-Boson or God Particle?" It makes me wonder, how a person with no formal education like Philosopher Saint Shree Tukaram could even conceive of such a scientific thought, when some of our most learned scientists took years of research to discover this smallest of the small particles of the universe.

Friends, it has been the greatest good fortune for a person like me coming from a farmers family could learn and understand the essence and philosophy behind the spiritual but very scientific and prophetic words of wisdom enunciated by Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara and the most scientific words of greatest scientists of the 21st Century like Dr. Albert Einstein and Dr. Roger Penrose about universal laws / principles of the ultimate truth – reality – consciousness stated in the ancient vedic texts, which made me think quite assertively about the need of promoting Value Based Universal Education System for the wellbeing of the mankind.

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